Dallas Dedicated Server – Three Key Advantages

If you have a high traffic website, you need to make sure that the server it is hosted on is fast enough and powerful enough to keep up. Otherwise you run the risk of driving your customers away with slow load times or crashed pages. When considering which type of hosting to use, you need Read More

Final Cut Pro for Windows: What Are Your Options

Final Cut Pro is one of the best pieces of video editing software available. It’s intuitive, it’s well-designed, and it offers all kinds of options. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Macs. The software is developed by Apple, and they have no intentions of bringing it over to Windows machines. That said, you do have a Read More

About My Camera Lens Mug

I am a professional photographer with special talents in wildlife photography. I travel quite a lot, locally and internationally, to various exotic wildlife destinations. My recent excursion to South Africa was an exhilarating experience in my wildlife photographic career. I have the latest camera and all other equipment, which I need to capture breathtaking moments Read More